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    International ceramic market competition intensified 
    In recent years, due to the rise of emerging and developing countries in the production of Tao Wei Wei Tao products yield increased greatly, the total output of the world's Tao Wei Tao Wei increased significantly, the international market competition is more intense, has reached the "hot" level. International ceramics market is weak, for more than demand, but special, excellent, new, refined products, still in short supply, especially high-grade building ceramics and sanitary ceramics.

    India ceramic production capacity expansion of the slow progress of production enterprises, India economic monitoring center and even predict the rate of expansion of production capacity will be a sharp decline. In this case, India's large ceramic enterprises are taking light asset model, reduce capital expenditures, rich product line, improve market share. With the strengthening of consumer brand awareness, rising production costs, the size of small, poor management of Tao Wei enterprises can not improve the performance, thus embarked on the road with the merger of large enterprises. For small businesses, and improved the original chaotic management, for large enterprises, to obtain the great benefits of investment, production capacity has been added, stable supply of products, and by virtue of its strong marketing network and brand appeal, to seize the market.

    In India, such as Kajaria, Somany, H&R and other large ceramic production enterprises, are the way to acquire a joint venture to expand production capacity, India economic monitoring center forecast, this model has the trend of the more developed. In China, Tao Wei enterprises are facing the situation of frequent anti-dumping.

    From the beginning of last year, South Korea, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and many other places have launched the anti-dumping China ceramics, which makes the export enterprises China Tao Wei EU market faces obstacles, exports fell sharply, which forced domestic enterprises to increase efforts to open up the market in Southeast asia. It is reported that, due to the rapid development of ASEAN in recent years and in recent years, China has become one of the top three export markets. In Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries, has a wealth of raw materials and human resources, and human resources, and the cost is relatively cheap, for the Chinese ceramics enterprises, is a rare opportunity.

    It is understood that China and ASEAN six old members - Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, more than 90% of the product is zero tariff. Four new members of ASEAN, Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea and Burma, will achieve the goal of 90% zero tariff in 2015.

    In addition, there are differences in the level of consumer life, cultural background, art appreciation, etc., and the demand for the product is not the same, therefore, the production and sale of a single market variety is very difficult to meet the needs of different consumers. According to the forecast of the future international market, Tao Wei will undergo a series of changes, its main features in high quality, full function, color, style novel, also is the trend towards the diversification of products. In the international ceramics market, the product is in the direction of diversification, and it is also moving in the other direction.

    Personalized products are more and more popular and popular, personalized products only a large number of market space, so the various countries of the ceramic products are from the popular to personalized. For example, the United States lengthened sanitary ware, with straight edges, prominent display products force sense, sense of beauty; French style sanitary ware, smooth lines, full of warmth, poetic, reflect the romantic color; sanitary ware Japan with exquisite beyond compare known to the world, reflects the delicate beauty of Japanese.

    It is reported that, since the modern world, Tao Wei production base mainly concentrated in the two continents of Europe and Asia, including daily-use ceramic products, Asia accounted for 65%, Europe accounted for 30%, while the production of high-grade Tao Wei mainly concentrated in Western Europe, Britain, Germany, France and other countries. As Tao Wei industry is labor-intensive industries, developed countries and regions in order to adapt to the fierce competition in the international market, and continuously adjust the industrial structure, the industrial production to capital intensive and technology intensive industries, the transfer of labor-intensive products is to lower labor cost countries and regions.

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