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    Bathroom hardware to buy skills 
    Bathroom hardware is an important component of the bathroom, often related to the bathroom decoration effect of good and bad, so consumers in the home before the need to do a good job in the purchase of hardware and bathroom. Now the building materials market face a superb collection of beautiful things of bathroom hardware products, there is no dazzling feeling bewildered? Choose too much but I don't know what to do for you today? Small bathroom hardware accessories purchase skills, let you know, avoid businesses to buy traps, without fear of being fooled.


    1, pay attention to the selection of materials

    Need we need to also focus on the price and bathroom accessories materials in the purchase of bathroom hardware accessories. With the continuous development of modern industrial technology, bathroom accessories market of material are: titanium alloy, stainless steel, copper and chrome, chrome Aluminum Alloy chrome, iron chrome and plastic hardware accessories and so on, the quality of titanium alloy of these materials in the best and the worst quality of plastic products, copper chrome products to prevent oxidation, chrome plated stainless steel the price is cheap, but the use of a relatively short time.

    2, pay attention to parts of the coating

    When choosing bathroom accessories also need to pay attention to the coating of bathroom hardware accessories, can be said that the coating directly determines the quality and service life of the length of the hardware accessories. High quality bathroom accessories and its coating lubrication, luster, the surface is very smooth, no scratches, and bathroom accessories inferior the coating is dim, will find surface wave like ups and downs, in addition to the inferior product surface will have numerous scratches.

    3, pay attention to the collocation of sanitary ware

    Bathroom accessories because the volume is small, inconspicuous, need to choose when to buy with bathroom supplies, especially for the novelty of the bathroom supplies, bathroom accessories need more in appearance with its unique shape. So in the purchase of the time must be considered is the color, material and models are in accordance with the overall decoration of the bathroom style.

    Tel:+86 757 26322499     Fax:+86 757 26328771     Add: Rm1015,Building 4, 2 Linshang RD, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China
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